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Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a complete Holistic medical system that includes the following healing therapies:

- Acupuncture 
- Chinese Herbs 
- Tui Na Massage/Shiatsu 
- Qi Gong (breathing, exercise, meditation) 
- Nutritional therapy

This system is thousands of years "young" and proven very effective for the physiological, psychological and spiritual sides of a person. 
The acupuncture aspect itself helps the body's natural flow of "Qi" (or life energy). 

The insertion of very fine thin needles into designated points adjusts the circulation of this energy throughout the organ channels to relieve pain, mental and emotional stress, physical ailments or toxic accumulations from the body.

Some pressure or aching may occur during a treatment, but this is caused by one's own life energy mobilizing and moving rather than remaining stagnant. The movement and flow of energy is important for effective results. The focus and philosophy of TCM is on correcting the underlying causes of an illness or disease and thus effecting a lasting cure.

Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture

Continuing after Acupuncture program :      Years 4 & 5          Total Hours: 1140

  • Diagnostic Methods & Therapeutic Principles of TCM    Hours: 180
  • Etiology in TCM     Hours:  90
  • Gynecology in TCM     Hours:  90
  • Introduction to the 4 Ancient TCM Books    Hours: 30
  • Commonly Used Formulas for TCM         Hours: 180
  • Clinical Observation & Internship I            Hours: 60
  • Advanced Study – Classical Formulas I          Hour: 120
  • Advanced Study – Classical Formulas II          Hours: 180
  • Patent Medicines        Hours: 30
  • Herbal Dispensary and Preparation I & II          Hours: 120
  • Clinical Observation & Internship II                  Hours: 60

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