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Canadian College of Holistic Health MISSION STATEMENT

Welcome to, the official web site of the Canadian College of Holistic Health.

The Canadian College of Holistic Health was founded in 1989 to promote Homeopathy and Alternative medicine in Canada. Since then we have been offering courses to students from a wide array of backgrounds academically and professionally.

We are located in Richmond Hill, Ontario, north of Toronto in Canada. Although CCHH is just outside the city, the College is far enough to offer peace and quiet while still being close to a bustling city.

Our Mission

The Canadian College of Holistic Health is committed to providing an optimal standard of education in the field of holistic healthcare to students worldwide by:

  • Educating competent and steadfast doctors with a passion for holistic healthcare and their patients.
  • Promoting public awareness of holistic medicine.
  • Opening the channels of communication and dialogue between the students and health care practitioners of all fields.
  • Recruiting highly qualified teachers who will exhibit the highest standards of professionalism and ensure that the students will leave our College, able, confident and proud.
  • Providing up to date laboratory equipment and educational resources, which enable students to enhance their learning experience and reap the full benefits during their scholastic endeavour.
  • To conduct research and development and convey the findings and results professionally.
  • Moving holistic medicine to the forefront of medical science.